We Need YOU! To send us pictures, that is!

The new website is coming along nicely but we’d like to add some more photos, preferably photos from you! We think some member photos would add a great touch when it comes to helping educate people new to suggies. It will give them a more “real” feel for how glider ownership actually is and perhaps a better idea of what to expect.

Photo Topics Include:

  • Glider Rooms
  • Cage Set-up
  • Food Prep
  • Nightly Food Plate
  • Cage Sets & Items
  • Toys (Purchased / Home Made)
  • Vet Visits
  • Injuries or Medical Photos
  • Gliders in action (In the wheel, gliding, etc.)
  • Travel (Cages, Bonding Pouches, etc.)
  • Tents

If you can think of other topics or have photos that may not fit into these topics that is totally fine, we can always find a use for cute photos! 🙂

We’re happy to offer credit and a link back as well, if you prefer. (We can leave it ‘anonymous’ as well, if you’d rather!)

Please Remember:

  • Larger Photos = Better (These are usually higher quality and easier to work with. It’s hard to “blow up” a tiny image.)
  • Clear Shots (Please try to avoid sending super blurry or out of focus photos.)
  • Horizontal usually works better for the website but we can work with vertical too if you have a super cute shot! 🙂
  • Please e-mail them, sending through FB often shrinks them!

You can contact us through the form or directly via e-mail!