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Suggie Links V 2.0

Our Suggie Links website is up and running, new theme totally installed! Please take some time to check it out, we need members to submit links they’d like us to add. Thanks in advance and hope you’re having a great weekend! www.suggielinks.com  

We Need YOU! To send us pictures, that is!

The new website is coming along nicely but we’d like to add some more photos, preferably photos from you! We think some member photos would add a great touch when it comes to helping educate people new to suggies. It will give them a more “real” feel for how glider ownership actually is and perhaps […]

Happy Ostara – Photo Contest!

Sugar Gliders Spring Photo Contest! PHOTO CONTEST TIME! It’s time for some fun! Theme: This photo contest will have multiple themes. We’re focusing onSpring, Easter and Ostara / the Spring Equinox. This means pastels, warm colors, flowers and greenery, eggs, bunnies, fertility, and whatever else you can think of! Categories: We will have several chances […]

Tips For a Super Fun Sugar Glider Cage

Imagine being cooped up in your living room, day after day without a TV to watch, a book to read, without music to dance to, without anything to pass the time. What the heck would you do all day?! Such are the lives of sugar gliders who do not have the proper toys and activities […]

Are gliders right for you?

I had to share this wonderful quote from one of my friends, Diane. “Here is the deal. If you expect sugar gliders to be like kittens or puppies, pass on them. If you expect to be able to make them meet your expectations and do what you want pass on them. They make horrible pets. […]